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Tristar Clinical is a professional clinical research organization in Philadelphia.


Tristar Clinical Investigations is an experienced research team dedicated to providing excellent care for our patients.


We have over 25 years of experience in clinical research and have participated in over 100 trials.


We have successfully worked with most major pharmaceutical companies and site management organizations.


We provide our patients with the opportunity to participate in the latest clinical research.

What is a clinical trial?

You may be wondering, “What are clinical studies?” A clinical trial is a research trial that is conducted using patient volunteers. The goal of a clinical trial is to find safe and effective treatments to help treat medical conditions and improve patient health. Here at Tristar Clinical Investigations, we are trying to prove there is a chance that a new medical treatment is more effective than a current treatment.

What is a clinical trial?
Clinical trial company in Philadelphia

What are the benefits in participating in a clinical trial?

Volunteers who participate in a clinical trial will receive medical care at no cost. Volunteers will also be reimbursed for their time and travel. Additionally, you may be getting access to a brand-new treatment before it’s widely available. We want to help patients by giving them access to the latest advances in clinical research.

Who can participate in a clinical trial?

Each clinical trial has specific guidelines. Volunteers who meet these guidelines will be screened prior to enrollment. You can find out more about our current clinical trials here.

Participating in a clinical trial in Philadelphia

What are Some of Your Past Clinical Trials?

Tristar Clinical Investigations has participated in a number of helpful clinical trials over the past 25 years. Our clinical research in Philadelphia has included trials for ailments and diseases like depression, ED, fibromyalgia, hypertension, prostate cancer prevention, and more. You can learn more about our previous trials here.

What Other Treatment Options Do I Have Besides a Clinical Trial?

In many cases, there are other treatments you may be able to try. But our research is focused on trying to prove the effectiveness and safety of a new kind of treatment. Therefore, the medications that we’re testing may be more effective for you than the more widespread treatment options that are available. It’s best to discuss your different treatment options with your physician.

What Do I Have to Do to Prepare for My Clinical Trial?

We appreciate your role in our goal to help make advancements in the healthcare industry. The safety of our patients is a top priority for us here at Tristar Investigations. So, we make sure that we strictly stick to any guidelines involved in the study. If you have any questions or concerns about the trial that you’re participating in, we encourage you to talk to us or your doctor about it.

How Long Do Clinical Studies Take?

Our organization takes part in phase 2 trials through phase 4 clinical trials in Philadelphia. Some trials last for a few months. Meanwhile, other studies may last up to 5 years. It all depends on the particular trial that you’re applying for.

When you participate in a clinical study, it’s important to know exactly what you’re signing up for. What is your part in the study? Is there a medication you have to take? When do you have to take it? How often do you have to go for a checkup during the trial? How will the clinical research doctors know if the treatment is working for you? And you may have more questions of your own. But our organization will go over everything with you ahead of time, so you can have peace of mind going into the study. We want to make sure you’re comfortable and safe during the process.

Will My Health Information be Kept Private During Clinical Research?

Patient confidentiality is important to us. We will make sure that your personal information is only seen by those who have permission to it.

Can Taking Part in Clinical Research Help Me?

There are several different benefits to participating in clinical research in Philadelphia. You are gaining access to a professional staff that will be monitoring and tracking your results. And you may be getting access to some of the newest, cutting-edge treatments that are available. In addition to benefiting your own health, you could help bring science forward on a treatment that can help lots of other people.

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